Feldenkrais Summit Move Better Feel Better Summit 2022

Upgrade to Unlimited Digital Access

Upgrade to
Unlimited Digital Access

and get LIFETIME access to this remarkable event

Feldenkrais Summit Move Better Feel Better Summit 2022

Upgrade to Unlimited Digital Access

Upgrade to
Unlimited Digital Access

and get LIFETIME access to this remarkable event


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 plus 49 more Experts

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This upgrade will change the way you experience this incredible, jam-packed summit, making it a transformative experience where you can keep that positive change going by continuing to dip into it after it’s over…


$ 497
  • Full Unlimited Digital Access will be available on October 3rd.
  • 2 prerecorded bonus courses available immediately. Replays for all courses are available indefinitely.

PLUS 36 Short Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

Experience Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement and 
discover how the quality of movement can decrease pain, increase mobility, and allow you to do more with ease.
Choose to work with one teacher and one theme or mix and match for variety. 

Daniel Gelblum

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Emma Alter

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Chrysovitsinou Evgenia, CFP

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Frederick E. Schjang, GCFP

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In addition to all the incredible summit presentations to watch, listen or to read, you can get these not-to-be missed BONUSES.


Value $527


Cynthia Allen

Cynthia Allen, GCFP, STMI

7-week live class where you can ask questions and meet other students
Or watch and replay

Discovery Your Learning Body’s Super Power: the 7 Secrets

You have experienced Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement. You want to go deeper. To create more lasting change for yourself so you can move better, feel better, think better, and live better. Settle in with Cynthia and grow.

Cynthia will reveal the 7 Secret Keys to accessing your own personal superpower for navigating adversity, reducing pain, and getting more pleasure out of life. It is all within your own learning body.

Each week, Cynthia will present a key and a movement lesson. There will be opportunities to talk with her (and listen in as others do too, as well as have breakout sessions to share your big aha’s and questions in an intimate format. The summit is a big blast of information. This bonus is a digestible investment in moving forward in a truly new way.


Value $197


Stacy Barrows – PT, DPT, GCFP, NCPT

Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP

5-week live class where you can ask questions and meet other students
Or watch on replay

Smart Somatic Solutions ~ Tools to Teach

Somatic props, foam rollers in particular, can be useful supplementary tools for teaching or exploring our use of self. The benefit of props is more profound when we create conditions to learn from them. This is how we explored movement to find solutions in our early childhood.

In this 5-class series, we will use the *Smartroller®️ with guided movement puzzles to deepen learning, to discover novel solutions for some everyday needs.

Join Dr. Stacy Barrows to reacquaint yourself with functional play to wake up the explorer in you.

*Most of the class needs may be adapted to use a rolled-up blanket if a Smartroller®️ is unavailable; because of the need to stay with comfort and safety, a regular foam roller is not advised.

guided movement

Instant Access


Value $147


Erifily Nikolakopoulou, CFP

Erifily Nikolakopoulou, CFP

5 pre-recorded classes

Open and Shut: The Case of the Eyes

The eyes are referred to in literature as a doorway to the soul. In the physical sense, the eyes too are often relegated only to the action of seeing. But in reality, the eyes organize our bodies to be ready for action or rest. Overactive eyes create anxiety, tension in the neck, jaw and back. The way we push, pull or turn our eyes creates a cascade of other muscular patterns. In this quiet but challenging Awareness Through Movement® series, improve not only the resting and action states of the eyes but throughout your body.

Instant Access


Value $147


Molly Jaeger – GCFP, Emotional Resilience Coach

Molly Jaeger, GCFP

Prerecorded video, audio and PDFs

Moving Beyond A Diagnosis With Chronic Pain

If you are looking for ways to harness the power of your mind and movement to make daily living easier, this series will guide you through the process of going from declining to nourishing.


  • Principles Of Nourishing Movement – MP4 Video training
  • Principles Of Nourishing Movement PDF & Workbook – PDF
  • The Impact Of Thoughts And Beliefs – MP4 Video training 
  • Diagnostic Journal and Workbook – PDF 
  • 9 Movement lessons – mp3 audio only


Value $50

Your Learning Body 2022 logo

$50 discount towards a year-long membership in the popular Your Learning Body, an online Feldenkrais experience with live classes and prerecorded short videos and audios categorized and searchable by length, body part, function, position and more. Members sign on at any time and find the just-right lesson for their needs at that moment.


Betty Abolafia-Rosenzweig
Betty Abolafia-Rosenzweig
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"I very much appreciate this amazing program you and the team put together. As a newbie, I am now itching to learn more!"
Agnes Palinkas
Agnes Palinkas
Read More
What 10 days it has been! thank you all and huge congratulations!!!! Walking into it with no expectation, I clicked on buying the all access pass after two days!!! Mindblowingly generous. Thank you!
Arabella Hirner
Arabella Hirner
Read More
I want to tell you that I'm really very very grateful, I’m so happy that I could take part in your summit, very comfortable behind my screen, on the floor or chair…. Some things I didn't even hear the first time, some meanings changed when I listended again. I could stop and replay and make pages and pages of interesting notes and summaries.

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What does your Unlimited Digital Access include?
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Laptop on MBFB with Cynthia Allen and Guest speaker

2 Keynote Videos, 35 Interviews/Presentation Videos, and 10 Panel discussion Videos
[$3,675 value]

Enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment from Unlimited Digital Access. With 47 video sessions featuring: Aliza Stewart, Dr. Paul Lam, Joanne McFarland, David Zemach-Bersin, Elizabeth Beringer, Duncan Murdoch, Linda Tellington-Jones, Alan Questel, Liz Koch, Jeff Haller, and many more.

Each viewing of these professionals sharing their knowledge and insight yields more self-care wisdom that you can use to support your living goals.

Audio Downloads of All 50+ Sessions
[$1,250 value]

You’re too busy to sit and listen, which is why we’re giving you all 51 audio sessions for life on the go!

transcript iamge

47 Session Transcripts
[$2,350 value]

Take it all in – thoroughly immerse yourself in the presentations and discussions by reading the transcripts and creating a deeper understanding. With Unlimited Digital Access – you get all of the transcripts so you can review each one at your leisure and have a chance to truly assimilate the material. (Note: ATM lessons are not included in the transcripts.)

Searchable Videos
[Value: Priceless]

Listen to your favorite moments or pull out a key moment to hear over and over by using the search feature. It’s a lot of material and making it searchable increases the value exponentially.

Inspiration for the Journey

Inspirational Guidebook
[$25 value]

Our presenters and teachers have shared pivotal moments in their journeys with us and we have gathered them together in this beautiful guidebook. Whether you use it as a source of inspiration or as a gentle reminder of the on-going changes we are all going through, it is likely you will return to it and catch glimpses of wisdom again and again.

move better feel better study guide

Comprehensive Summit Study Guide
[$50 value]

After the summit has finished, you’re going to want to continue learning and growing. That’s why the Unlimited Digital Access includes a comprehensive study guide that allows you to interact with the material by offering questions about the presentations. You can use this handy guide alongside the transcripts to create your own in-depth learning experience.

10+ short stories about Moshe Feldenkrais
by 10 different people who knew him personally
[Value: Priceless]

Listen to your favorite moments or pull out a key moment to hear over and over by using the search feature. It’s a lot of material and making it searchable increases the value exponentially.


Got a question? No problem. Here are your answers.

With the free pass, you can only watch the sessions for 48 hours each, during the live summit. However, if you upgrade to the Unlimited Digital Access, you can continue watching after the summit is over, plus you’ll receive exclusive limited-time bonuses. Sessions are also downloadable for true, life-time access.

It sure is! While the summit is live, you can join with all the other participants through your internet connection. After the summit is over, you get access to a private member’s area, where you can watch any sessions, any time.

Yes, Yes! With the Unlimited Digital Access, all the videos, audios, and transcripts can be viewed from any of those platforms. 

When you purchase the Unlimited Digital Access, you will have the ability to download all of the summit sessions, including the pre-recorded talks, live discussions and Awareness Through Movement lessons. Bonus materials are not downloadable and can only be viewed in the member’s private area.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Should you have any problems with your payment: please contact us by clicking the Chat button below. We don’t offer any payment plans for the Unlimited Digital Access as it’s already very affordable as it is. That’s why we only offer an option to pay in full. 

We do have a limited number of partial scholarships. Please visit this link to read more and to apply.

Unlimited Digital Access comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days after the summit starts, guaranteed. We’ll refund your money, no questions asked (as long as you didn’t buy just to download all the material.)

This summit is designed to help anyone who wants more out of life. The work is accessible to the average mover, someone who has neurological challenges, and the super mover. The summit will help with both physical and emotional movement as we can become “stuck” in either of these realms. Wellness/rehab professionals who will also find new ideas for helping clients and expanding career longevity.

This purchase gives you rights to use these recordings for your own personal or professional growth. You are not authorized to share them with anyone else.

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Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones (MA Theatre Arts) graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais last training program in 1983 and later helped to train students in more than 100 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide.
As a young practitioner, she was invited to bring the Feldenkrais Method® into a special school for children with learning differences. She has taught workshops for pediatric therapists as well as Feldenkrais® practitioners on the application of the Method to the work with children and infants. She has also maintained an ongoing private practice working with infants, children and adults for the past several decades.