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With the free pass, you can only watch the sessions for 48 hours each, during the live summit. However, if you upgrade to the Unlimited Digital Access, you can continue watching after the summit is over, plus you’ll receive exclusive limited-time bonuses. Sessions are also downloadable for true, life-time access.

It sure is! While the summit is live, you can join with all the other participants through your internet connection. After the summit is over, you get access to a private member’s area, where you can watch any sessions, any time.

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When you purchase the Unlimited Digital Access, you will have the ability to download all of the summit sessions, including the pre-recorded talks, live discussions and Awareness Through Movement lessons. Bonus materials are not downloadable and can only be viewed in the member’s private area.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Should you have any problems with your payment: please contact us by clicking the Chat button below. We don’t offer any payment plans for the Unlimited Digital Access as it’s already very affordable as it is. That’s why we only offer an option to pay in full. 

We do have a limited number of partial scholarships. Please visit this link to read more and to apply.

Unlimited Digital Access comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days after the summit starts, guaranteed. We’ll refund your money, no questions asked (as long as you didn’t buy just to download all the material.)

This summit is designed to help anyone who wants more out of life. The work is accessible to the average mover, someone who has neurological challenges, and the super mover. The summit will help with both physical and emotional movement as we can become “stuck” in either of these realms. Wellness/rehab professionals who will also find new ideas for helping clients and expanding career longevity.

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Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones (MA Theatre Arts) graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais last training program in 1983 and later helped to train students in more than 100 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide.
As a young practitioner, she was invited to bring the Feldenkrais Method® into a special school for children with learning differences. She has taught workshops for pediatric therapists as well as Feldenkrais® practitioners on the application of the Method to the work with children and infants. She has also maintained an ongoing private practice working with infants, children and adults for the past several decades.