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2020 Move Better, Feel Better

Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit

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Creating neuroplastic change with Functional Integration®

Anat Baniel

What dare I wish for as I age?

Tom Myers

The neuromyofascial  web

Gil Hedley, Ph.D.

Integral anatomy: Textural layers, continuity and relationship

Linda Tellington-Jones Ph.D (hon)

Connecting with cellular wisdom through Tellington TTouch®

Russell and Linda Delman

Learning together: A couple explores aging gracefully

Irene Lyon, MSc.

Are we shortchanging Feldenkrais’ genius?

Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.

Purposeful practice: Prayer and Feldenkrais®

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Summit Themes

Grace while Aging
Emotional Intelligence
Physiology Meets Spirituality
Essential Feldenkrais®
Embodied Anatomy
Physical Challenges
Somatics at Large

36 Master Sessions organized into THEMEs

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NOTE: We cannot release the summit while it is happening. You will have full access to all talks within one week of the summit’s completion. Please tune in live or via the 48 hour replay page while the summit is happening.

You will learn from all these experts

Alan Questel
Angela Crowley
Angela McMillan
Arlyn Zones
Brent Kisilevich
Buffy Owens
Candy Conino
Carol Montgomery
Chrish Kresge
Christina Petersen
Cynthia Allen
David Hall
David Zemach-Bersin
Diana Razumny
Dwight Pargee
Elinor Silverstein
Erin Geesaman Rabke
Frederick Schjang
Gil Hedley
Irene Lyon
Jeff Haller
Josh Schreiber Shalem
Karin Major
Kathy White
Kresimir Sos
Larry Goldfarb
Lavinia Plonka
Linda Delman
Linda Tellington-Jones
Lisa Clark
Maggy Burrowes
Marcella Bretschneider
Martha Peterson
Mary Susan Chen
MaryBeth Smith
Mercedes (Didi) von Deck
Michael Landau
Nadia Genois
Nancy Haller
Nick Strauss-Klein
Odette Guimond
Rachel White Galvin
Rich Goldsand
Russell Delman
Sheri Cohen
Staffan Elgelid


Q. Can I download the sessions?

A. You can download the audio, video or transcripts for the interviews, daily movement lessons and panel discussions. You can NOT download any of the bonus materials. You will need to log-in to our site to enjoy those.

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A. No. Each summit requires its own purchase. But you will get a special discount to purchase past summits. This is only available during the checkout process so watch carefully to take advantage of those offers.

Q. Will I be able to watch the sessions immediately after purchase?

A. Unfortunately no. First we stream the summit, then organize it and deliver it to you for anytime access.

Q. How long will I have to view the materials?

A. As long as you like. You can download the materials for true lifetime access. Or you can login to our site anytime you like for as long as our site is active. (That should be a very long time.)

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. You have 14 days to request a refund. You can log in and start downloading materials immediately so we ask that you only ask for a refund if you really haven’t used the material.

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Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones (MA Theatre Arts) graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais last training program in 1983 and later helped to train students in more than 100 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide.
As a young practitioner, she was invited to bring the Feldenkrais Method® into a special school for children with learning differences. She has taught workshops for pediatric therapists as well as Feldenkrais® practitioners on the application of the Method to the work with children and infants. She has also maintained an ongoing private practice working with infants, children and adults for the past several decades.