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Dive deeper into the topics you’ve experienced at the Move Better, Feel Better Summit with presenter authored books.

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Three Simple Lines: A Writer’s Pilgrimage into the Heart and Homeland of Haiku

by Natalie Goldberg

The Art of Is: Improvising as a Way of Life

by Stephen Nachmanovitch, Ph.D.

Breath: The Lost Art and Science of Our Most Misunderstood Function

by James Nestor

The Fit Sit Revolution: Functional Fitness for the Over 50s

by Stewart Hamblin

The Breathing Cure: Habits for A Healthier, Happier and Longer Life

by Patrick McKeown, MA, BBM

Discovering the Unexpected

by Helga Bost, Feldenkrais Practitioner

Hollywood Endings and How to Get One: Using Imagination and Intention

by Linda Flanders

The Feldenkrais Method® Learning Through Movement

by Staffan Elgelid & Chrish Kresge

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This book was featured in the 2020 summit, and we are still recommending it.

Arlyn Zones

Arlyn Zones (MA Theatre Arts) graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais last training program in 1983 and later helped to train students in more than 100 Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide.
As a young practitioner, she was invited to bring the Feldenkrais Method® into a special school for children with learning differences. She has taught workshops for pediatric therapists as well as Feldenkrais® practitioners on the application of the Method to the work with children and infants. She has also maintained an ongoing private practice working with infants, children and adults for the past several decades.